v1.2.9 Notes + T-Shirts Available

Have some more quality of life stuff. Seriously, though. Pyromancer will have his time to shine soon…


  • Added Turkish localization
  • Added next Campfire indicator on Game Over screen (Not 100% accurate since level generates by Chunks unless campfire is already spawned)
  • Added meters to Achievements. It looks cool.
  • Added dark borders for tablets where the edges are not walkable
  • Added dialog box for confirming to buy the profession skill
  • Added translations for new player tutorial
  • Added Equipment spawning into Rare chests
    • At 500 Steps, the random ratio is 0 – 1 equipment
    • At 1000, the ratio is 0 – 2 equipment
    • At 1500, the ratio is 0 – 3 equipment
    • At 2000, the ratio is 0 – 4 equipment
  • Updated main menu Revive to be free when level 5 or below
  • Reduced amount of time for free revive via main menu 5 -> 2 minutes per level (In a way, reduces amount of Diamonds it takes too!)
  • Removed decaying text when Barrier is depleting since it can take up a lot of screen space with higher numbers
  • Fixed an issue with new player tutorial where you could potentially soft-lock the game
  • Fixed knockback where the player can land in a Chest
  • Fixed an issue with transferring files when a character is dead

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