v1.2.82 Open Beta Update Log

This update is HUGE for hardcore players featuring lots of quality of life features from transferring diamonds, coins, and keys to main supply as well as adding a list of items that will be lost once leaving adventure. We even have added the first animated skin for the Warrior called Dancing Knight! Will be looking carefully for any bugs and releasing as soon as the end of this week.

v1.2.82 Update Log:

  • Added Convert to Classic Character to the adventure screen which will only appear when the hardcore character is dead
  • Added Transfer Currency to Edit Character. This allows you to transfer Diamonds, Coins, and Keys to Classic supply. You cannot transfer it back once it goes to Classic.
  • Added lost items screen to show what items were lost upon leaving an adventure without quick save or campfire
  • Added Double Xp timer to adventure screen
  • Added Dancing Knight skin and it’s the first animated skin!
  • Updated Hardcore Respecs to use Hardcore currency instead of Classic Supply
  • Updated Ostrich March sprites for Penguin to be Ice and Mini Dragon to be Fire
  • Updated Ostrich March effects for Unicorn with trails of RGB
  • Updated character deletion to transfer all hardcore currency over to classic supply such as keys, coins, and diamonds
  • Updated hardcore mode lost items list to also include equipped armor
  • Updated No Witnesses to roll for chance to stay Stealth on the first enemy of Slice and Dice instead of rolling on every enemy. This will ensure a greater chance as sometimes the 2nd or 3rd enemy isn’t killed causing No Witnesses to not trigger.
  • Fixed disabling secondary theme colors not disabling certain text colors
  • Fixed theme colors not updating text when displaying multiple status effects
  • Fixed opening chest in tutorial caused the game to still point to the chest even though it is empty
  • Fixed hardcore mode bug where Quick Save made you lose items
  • Fixed Rounded Shot resetting cooldown when pressed twice instead of deactivating the skill