Hardcore Update v1.2.84

After much wrestling with Tutorial Update part 2, I’ve decided to hold off on that and move onto more of a heavier feature that needed to be in the game. Here comes that Hardcore Update to help bring currency to your main supply as well as allow you to view all the items you’ve lost upon leaving hardcore prematurely. This update includes lots of quality of life features for Hardcore mode and the first animated skin!

Converting to Classic


Upon death of a hardcore character comes a time to mourn as you can no longer use that character. With this update, you can now convert that hardcore character to a classic character! They will keep all their stats and items as well as convert all currency to classic supply. Your hardcore character shall live once again in the afterlife!

Transferring Hardcore Currency

For hardcore adventurers that truly live and breathe the permadeath status, you can now transfer Diamonds, Coins, and Keys to classic supply without death allowing you to buy banners without the need to touch a Classic character. Under Edit Character, a new option will appear allowing you to transfer those currencies. You can now also spend hardcore Diamonds to buy skins directly in Edit Character.

Dancing Knight – Animated Skin

Blood Knight is receiving the first animated skin! This skin is non other than the Dancing Knight who has been seen in the world of OneBit as an enemy.

Lost Items List


We have finally added a viewable list of items lost upon prematurely going home without a campfire or quick save. This feature should help clarify what items you lost and if that item was equipped. Equipped items were previously banned from the list, but have returned to make it punishing.

Touching Up Old Skills

We want to take the time to review some older skills that haven’t been up to par with some of the more new recent skills. Please help by voting your opinions on what skills you use the most. This poll will help identify the most popular and narrow down on some of the weakest skills to help us decide how to make their professions better. For this round, we will do a poll on the Warrior, Blood Knight, and Wizard. Thank you and we look forward to making OneBit even better by the end of this year and beyond!

Warrior Skills Poll: https://strawpoll.com/5whud87hy

Blood Knight Skills Poll: https://strawpoll.com/w6ehguasa

Wizard Skills Poll: https://strawpoll.com/j9843zrva

v1.2.82-84 Update Log:

  • Added Convert to Classic Character button to the adventure screen which will only appear when the hardcore character is dead
  • Added Transfer Currency to Edit Character. This allows you to transfer Diamonds, Coins, and Keys to Classic supply. You cannot transfer it back once it goes to Classic supply.
  • Added lost items screen to show what items were lost upon leaving a hardcore adventure without quick save or campfire
  • Added Double Xp timer to adventure screen
  • Added Dancing Knight skin to Blood Knight and it’s the first animated skin!
  • Increased the upgrade stats for Gold equipment to roll between 0-100% -> 75-100% of the stats max potential
  • Updated Hardcore Respecs to use Hardcore currency instead of Classic Supply
  • Updated Ostrich March sprites for Penguin to be Ice and Mini Dragon to be Fire
  • Updated Ostrich March effects for Unicorn with trails of RGB
  • Updated character deletion to transfer all hardcore currency over to classic supply such as keys, coins, and diamonds
  • Updated hardcore mode lost items list to also include equipped armor
  • Updated No Witnesses to roll for chance to stay Stealth on the first enemy of Slice and Dice instead of rolling on every enemy. This will ensure a greater chance as sometimes the 2nd or 3rd enemy isn’t killed causing No Witnesses to not trigger.
  • Updated Turkish translation
  • Updated top Y-Limit for Dpad location by 7.5%
  • Fixed disabling secondary theme colors not disabling certain text colors
  • Fixed theme colors not updating text when displaying multiple status effects
  • Fixed opening chest in tutorial caused the game to still point to the chest even though it is empty
  • Fixed hardcore mode bug where Quick Save made you lose items
  • Fixed Rounded Shot resetting cooldown when pressed twice instead of deactivating the skill
  • Fixed theme text colors not matching correct colors upon loading
  • Fixed Who’s the Boss Now achievement not giving achievement when defeating any boss besides Hydra