v1.2.81 Hotfix

Here comes a hotfix for all those issues with boss’s weak spots not working and various issues. We have also updated the joystick functionality so movement works flawlessly with an Xbox controller and other various controllers that uses the global joystick input. We are still working on Tutorial Update part 2. It’s taken a bit of thinking to work out a polished way to explain certain functions of the game, but we are making progress!

  • Added joystick compatibility to allow movement/attack with any controller with horizontal and vertical stick capability
  • Updated Daily Quest scrollbar to hide upon completing 2 quests
  • Fixed Blue Gargoyle color when turning to Stone
  • Fixed Thief’s Stealth cost of mana 15% -> 10% (It was suppose to be 10% upon release)
  • Fixed boss weak spot not triggering damage buff
  • Fixed Trained Eye not triggering upon attacking boss weak spot
  • Fixed Mimic Chest attacking Thief while Stealth is activated
  • Fixed Perfect Combo not triggering when using a weapon that deals Magic Damage
  • Fixed Pear being able to increase amount of Mana with Hp Efficiency