Thief Profession Update v1.2.78

At last, the sneaky Thief profession called Arcane Assassin is here! This profession offers skills that allows the Thief to become a lethal but sneaky damage dealer with magic potential. His Stealth skill will now require mana, but his profession will have more combinations to use with Stealth!

Thief’s Profession – Arcane Assassin

Below is the list of all 10 skills for Arcane Assassin (7 are new!) which shows what stats it gives and how much it costs. Most of the Thief’s new skills revolves around using multiple abilities to effectively deal the most damage with Stealth and/or Slice and Dice. We transformed him into a magic user seeing as Thieves are formally know to cast spells to use stealth like abilities. He is very passive and is also the first to have a Poison skill allow you to drain enemy hp. Like Snake’s poison, it deals 1% damage per turn and is stackable, but does not kill the enemy.

Tutorial Update Part 2 will now be in the works

Due to the hotfix causing issues with the profession screen, we figured its best to release the Thief profession as reverting it to fix the bug would cost more time and issues. With Thief profession officially released, we can now continue with finishing Tutorial Update Part 2 which will include more info for first time events such as learning about prestige when hitting max level, describing various status effects upon first infliction, etc. This should lay the ground work for understanding the game for various languages. Once this update releases, we will begin the next phase in adding new content to the game along with more suggestions added from Discord! We thank you for your support and look forward to providing more amazing content coming to OneBit Adventure soon!

v1.2.78 Update Log

  • Added Thief’s profession named Arcane Assassin
  • Added 6 new unique skills to Arcane Assassin
  • Added base cost value when selling equipment to help early game. 0 -> +100 coins
  • Updated Thief to become a mana character
  • Increased Physical Evasion upgrade value per skillpoint 1% -> 1.5%