v1.2.72 Tutorial Update part 1

This update addresses the issue of not teaching how to equip an equipment via tutorial. In the future, I will add a tooltips feature that will explain various elements of the game that can be disabled if you feel you want to discover on your own. This update took longer than expected, but rest assure, part 2 will include new items to play with. Planning for Thief profession release either after or during part 2 tutorial update. Depends how easy tooltips implements.


  • Updated thumbnail for Android users to Reaper (After experimenting, 50% more users love him more than the Warrior)
  • Added movement type screen to allow new players to choose swipe to move or Dpad to move instead of self-discovering it in the settings later.
  • Added tutorial for upgrading an equipment and equipping it
  • Added Fire skin for Pyromancer
  • Updated Merchant to force spawn if traveled 750 steps without a merchant. Merchant minimum spawn rate between each other is now 100-750 steps
  • Updated Chinese Simplified Translation
  • Updated Korean translation
  • Updated Portuguese translation
  • Reduced amount of times Mossy Hydra spawns Baby Mossy Hydras 4 -> 3
  • Fixed being able to open UI menus while a special boss attack is initiated causing negative hp and evading death
  • Fixed Rounded Shot causing Bosses to stop moving
  • Fixed scale and rotation to reset when reviving from the Void
  • Fixed issues with text size in tutorial certain translations being shown as tiny unreadable text