v1.2.71 Hotfix

We have rolled out a hotfix to help fix some bugs as well as added Mana and HiMana to Stewpot recipes! Some more additions were added from suggestions and more game breaking tactics have been patched.

v1.2.71 Update Log

  • Added Mana recipe for Stewpot (3x Pears, 2x Oranges, 1x Banana)
  • Added HiMana recipe for Stewpot (2x Mana)
  • Added Wait command to Spacebar input
  • Added Ores to Rare Chests (Quartz: 30% spawn with a max of 3, Apatite: 20% spawn with a max of 2, Amethyst: 10% spawn with a max of 2)
  • Updated Boss AI to increase aggro range when attacked
  • Updated correct Smoothie sprite (for real this time!)
  • Fixed Orange being able to be used in Transcended form
  • Fixed Bolt increasing by 25% per skillpoint instead of 10%
  • Possible fix for rotations not resetting after being attacked by the Void
  • Fixed Rounded Shot working on bosses when using it with range
  • Fixed cooldown text displaying wrong cooldown numbers in profession screen
  • Fixed Merchant spawning back to back. If spawned, he will have a 250 step limit before a 10% chance to spawn him again. (Rip twin Levatis)
  • Fixed Chest text positioning when no description is found