Suggestions Update v1.2.70

At last, an update is here to bring you exciting changes and additions to OneBit! Many suggestions were submitting in the official OneBit Discord so without a doubt, we needed to add a bunch of them. Lots of new skins have been added as well as lots of bugs have been squashed. Most importantly, Mana cost for spells will now go off Base Mana instead of total mana! This will allow more spells to be casted since previously Mana+ had no effect on mana cost.

Above are the new skins added to the game. We have added some artwork made by those in the community! HUGE shoutout to H4NT4R0 for the Hunter and Hantaro skins as well as Sp4c3d0ut for the Ezlan skin! Secret Class is the Almighty One skins in case anyone was curious. Wanted to avoid spoilers for those who are new to OneBit 😉

Sorting by Stats

You can finally sort equipment by stats allowing you to find the best equipment quickly. This current version allows sorting by Hp, Dmg, Mana, Mp Dmg, Crit Chance, and Crit Dmg. In the near future, you will be able to cycle through all stats, rarity and level.

We Have Added An Orange

Praise the Orange! It will heal Hp and restore Mana. We have also updated the Pear to Restore 10 Mana instead of Healing 10 Hp. This should help mana users for early game. We plan to add more items in the near future as well as allow Mana and HiMana to be created used Stewpot.

Thief Profession Update?

Thief profession update will be arriving next month. Although there were plans to bring it out early, I figured it was time to revisit updating tutorial for new players. Certain elements of the game should be explained, but isn’t such as teaching how to equip a weapon, learning about status effects, how to use quick slots, etc. This will be a focus for the next week or so and then Thief’s profession will come. Lots of suggestions have been made and will definitely be considered to be added to its kit.

v1.2.68-70 Update Log

  • Added Base Crit values to every character (Thief: 2.5%, Warrior: 2%, Blood Knight/Pyromancer/Archer: 1.5%, Wizard/Necromancer, Ostrich: 10%)
  • Added a confirm end adventure screen when over 10,000 steps. This screen will show scores that will submit and whether you are submitting while in offline mode.
  • Added version number to settings
  • Added 1 new skin for Blood Knight, 1 for Necromancer, 2 for Archer, 1 for Thief and 3 new skins for Ostrich class (8 new skins in total!)
  • Added a toggle for Showing/hiding Actions UI
  • Added confirmation box for purchasing Themes
  • Added sort type for stat id when equipping an equipment. (Currently hp/dmg/mana/mpdmg/crit/crit-chance. Will add the rest and localize the text in a later update)
  • Added Orange item which heals 20 Hp and Restores 20 Mana. Drop rate when selected for ground is 70%. It can also be found in Crates and Common Chests.
  • Updated skin prices. Certain skin prices have gone up, but majority remains the same.
  • Updated drop rate of Electro-nana 5% -> 10% (drop rate does not include rate at which other items are selected so the true percentage is lower than what is shown)
  • Updated Mana cost to consume based off Base Mana instead of Max Mana to allow Mana+ to be more effective in casing more spells
  • Updated sell cost for equipment. Non-gold equipment: 50 -> 25 coins x tier, 15 -> 5 coins x equipment level | Gold equipment: 15 -> 20 coins x equipment level
  • Updated Smoothie sprite
  • Updated Range value by 1 to be more accurate with how far you can damage a target
  • Updated Barrier UI to use Mana UI instead of sharing places with HP UI
  • Updated Pear to restore Mana instead of Hp
  • Updated Dark Slash cooldown 20 -> 30
  • Updated Ethereal Shot cooldown 150 -> 50
  • Updated Indonesian translation
  • Reduced starting steps to load Overworld Boss 3000 -> 1000
  • Reduced steps needed to load Overworld Boss after reaching first boss (+3000-5000) -> (+1000-3000)
  • Fixed infinite Slow when using Crow’s Cry
  • Fixed a glitch where you can equip a banner without purchasing it
  • Fixed dungeon spawning repeating when level 10 or more. (Fix for real this time!)
  • Fixed Status effects on enemies not giving various achievements and stored coins from enemies
  • Fixed Rounded Shot being able to knockback bosses
  • Fixed possible Special Key drop not dropping (This requires more testing as it is a very rare senario where the location it tries to drop fails because of an object in the way)
  • Fixed a visual chest bug where items appear to look like equipment as level 0 basic
  • Fixed vaulting and attacking counting as 2 turns instead of 1
  • Fixed enemies that are dead to the Void still were able to take a turn
  • Fixed attack spots not clearing when the enemy died to the Void