v1.2.35 Hotfix

This is the official last hotfix before the Big Update. This hotfix will fix the skillpoints bug and other essential issues.

  • Changed Level Select to Fast Travel and added a Step 0 option
  • Updated Adventure Buffs to buff equipment stats as well. Previously, it was only buffing base stats except xp and armor buff
  • Fixed skillpoint upgrade infinity which was upgrading even though the cap was reached. We have reset the Free Respec so use this under Edit Character for those affected by this bug.
  • Fixed Inverted Theme not showing up after April 1st upon purchase
  • Fixed Transcend bug for Cthulu where Instant Transcend does not kill if Cthulu gains Armor buff from Obelisk
  • Fixed Blacksmith upgrades showing gold for upgrades that aren’t close to max potential
  • Fixed Ally Zombie not taking poison damage