Hotfix v1.2.37

This is the official last hotfix. Now, you can Respec characters affected from the skillpoints bug. Previously, the Respec was assigned to Professions and not Skillpoint Respec. We have also fixed some minor issues as well as spawn Wizard Sapius before level 20 to hint the player. This definitely needs to be in the tutorial, but that requires more overhaul so this feature shall suffice.

  • Updated 1x Free Respec for skillpoints bug. This was previously done to Profession Respec and not Skillpoint Respec
  • Updated Wizard Sapius to spawn under level 20
  • Updated Boss drops to spawn items in the span of .54 seconds rather than all in one frame to avoid lag
  • Updated enemy’s alpha decay upon death to update less to avoid lag
  • Fixed Bleed not taking effect
  • Fixed Multi-Atk not attacking more than 1 linked enemy
  • Fixed Fast Travel scroll view not showing last fast travel
  • Fixed healing while Wrapped gave 2x more healing