Archer Hotfix v1.2.32

This hotfix will fix some major issues including Archer not being able to shoot past certain objects, stats not reaching their full potential and much more. We’ve also updated costs to level select to be more inline with having cheaper costs for lower steps and exponentially higher for higher steps. You can also find more Bananas in various locations besides eating them from the ground! Thanks for reporting. After this update, we shall go incognito as we work on the next big update.

v1.2.32 Release Notes

  • Updated costs to level select (coin cost will start as 1:1 ratio with steps and ramp up when selecting past 10,000 steps)
  • Updated Bosses to drop Banana and Electro-nana (each 5.8% drop rate)
  • Updated Crate to drop Banana (12.5% drop rate)
  • Updated Barrel to drop Banana and Electro-nana (each 10% drop rate)
  • Fixed anti-cheat triggering when starting at 50,000 steps causing leaderboards to not send score
  • Fixed self-slow not triggering
  • Fixed Ranged attack not selecting the closest target when using Wizard or Ranged+
  • Fixed Wizard not range attacking when using last of mana
  • Fixed issues with Coin acting as an obstacle with Archer
  • Fixed Traps interfering with Archer’s ranged attack
  • Fixed Bananas not appearing in the sell screen when viewing only consumables
  • Fixed a issue with equipment not loading certain skill stats when starting an adventure until you view the equipment screen
  • Fixed equipment screen showing second column stats that are not suppose to show on Adventure Buff stat screen
  • Fixed skills not reaching their max capacity when upgrading
  • Fixed ranged attacks not triggering damage bonus for boss weakness
  • Fixed action display not showing up when lag affects the frame it checks for nearby objects
  • Fixed Zombie not updating Death status timer