The Archer Update

It sure has been a long time, but at last, the most anticipated character is here! The Archer is the first new additional character class to the game! While previously thought impossible due to spaghetti code, the expansion of OneBit Adventure continues along with 3 new weapons, some new bananas, themes, a new level select, and lots more. After this update, we will focus more so on #suggestions on the official OneBit Discord and more on new content such as classes, enemies, equipments, and more!

Archer Skills

Archer’s starting skills focuses on pure stackable damage. She requires a bow to reach peak potential as any other melee weapon would reduce his output by 20%. Low health and lack of Bow will make early game hard, but naturally, you will do ranged damage without a weapon. Snake’s poison is a primary weakness where damage from poison will deal 2% of max Hp as damage rather than 1%. No professions are released until we have further info on how balanced she is compared to other base classes.

New Level Select

To help provide an ease of access for steps you have achieved, you can now spend Coins or Diamonds to start at steps you have already reached. Enemy levels will match your level and the highest start point is 50,000 steps. The cost is based off steps. At x amount of steps, the coin cost is x * 2 or you can pay in Diamonds at x * .01. Level select is individually achieved so any new characters created would need to reach x amount of steps to unlock level select.

All-Time Hardcore Leaderboard

You can now compete for All-Time scores for Hardcore. Should have been a thing a long time ago, but it is now here!

More Themes, Bananas, and a lot of fixes

This update is packed with lots of goodies, but also lots of fixes. We hope to continue to provide more content in future updates to come! Above is all the info you need on the new items/bows in the game. Below is the full update notes for this update.


  • Added Archer class!!!
  • Added Quick Bow (Drops only for Archer)
  • Added Tri-Bow (Drops only for Archer)
  • Added Recurve Bow (Drops only for Archer)
  • Added All-Time Hardcore leaderboard
  • Added Zombie skin to Necromancer
  • Added Banana (heals 1000 hp, can be found on the ground after 1000 steps or rare chests)
  • Added Electro-nana (restores 75% mp, can be found in the merchant’s shop)
  • Added scrollbar to blacksmith screen
  • Added 4 new themes
  • Added Archer Avatar
  • Updated Level Select to allow skipping steps that you have already achieved with that character
  • Updated Range+ from Passive to Toggle
  • Updated font text for “0”
  • Updated spawn rate for Snappers on lower step distance
  • Updated Range+ icon to a Bow
  • Updated Ostrich March to match current character skin
  • Reduced chance for Self-Slow to spawn on Greatsword 75% -> 66%
  • Fixed a minor bug where switching leaderboards too fast makes it displaying the wrong rankings. It will now make sure to load the board before being able to switch to view a new board
  • Fixed Void dealing 0 damage when enemy hp is greater than damage of void
  • Fixed Goblin and Slime ignoring coins
  • Fixed opening chest then using bottom UI will not close the chest screen to avoid overlapping UI
  • Fixed Mana Preserve description
  • Fixed Amplify not adding to default timer after first Burn
  • Fixed Fire Aura not triggering aggro on enemies
  • Fixed the Void to not destroy Sapius and campfires
  • Fixed Endure text showing up when transcended as Necromancer
  • Fixed Sword Slash to not hop through locked doors
  • Fixed enemies attacking when stun goes from 1 to 0
  • Fixed Shield Bash on bosses causing the boss to overlap onto the player
  • Fixed text overlap when collecting rewards on the all-time leaderboard screen
  • Fixed text overlap when viewing weapons with 4 or more stats
  • Fixed Parry not using character stats to attack instead of direct damage