v1.2.24 Prestige Update

Greetings! I present a special update to long term players that crave to reach a new pinnacle of maximum perfection by introducing Prestige. This will allow you to unlock some goodies for your characters in exchange for having to reset your character level, skills, and items. So let’s dive into the mechanic.

Prestige Level

When reaching max level 100 you will now have the option to Prestige that character under Edit Character. Doing so comes with the perk of permanent +20% Xp boost and +10 Skillpoints for that character per Prestige level! By max Prestige level 5, you will get +100% Xp boost and +50 Skillpoints. This comes at the cost of resetting your down to level 1, losing all items, skills learned, and saved adventures if you had any. Your character will gain a prestige crown to signify your achievement via character select tabs.

Minor Theme Improvements

Switching themes have always hit CPUs very hard as it computes all pixels from 2 spritesheets, but I completely forgot to omit alpha transparency. This little change completely boosted the speed of switching themes and is a likely cause for lesser known crashes. The key part of this improvement is that I am able to add more sprites without the worry of themes crashing the game entirely. Hazzah!

Greed Update

It’s been a rough new year motivation wise. With all game events being online, it’s really hard to connect with others to see the excitement as they try out the game. This was a big motivation with OneBit as I was able to do events before covid-19. Lots of things haven’t really gone as smooth as far as coding time for Dungeon of Greed mainly due to lack of motivation and having 2 daughters which have been requiring a lot of my time as they are growing older. So coding sessions are pretty short (usually only 1 hr a day) and daycare isn’t an option. I will be delaying the project until further notice. I know I haven’t made a devlog on it as well in a while so I will do my best to release one ASAP to update everyone following the project. Dungeon of Greed isn’t canceled, but it is going to be a while till I can comfortably say I am working on it more than OneBit.