v1.2.21 Skins Update

Greetings! It has been a while since the last update mainly due to working on the new project, Dungeon of Greed, which is coming along smoothly, but will release later in January instead of this month. For this update, I went and fixed some minor bugs and added 9 new character skins. Big thanks to Dottor Tubo for providing these new skins to add to the game. I’ve also added 1 new theme which was intended for Halloween, but didn’t really get the chance to release it.

v1.2.21 Notes

  • Added 9 new character skins
  • Added 1 new theme
  • Fixed transcending into tentacle will save a blank sprite
  • Fixed attack particle targeting you even though the damage dealt is to ally zombie
  • Fixed enemies attacking an invisible zombie ally after transitioning to another biome
  • Fixed zombie attacking diagonally when near the player
  • Fixed hardcore rankings text for Coins Collected when collecting rewards
  • Fixed Gold items displaying “Legendary” text after its actual rarity
  • Fixed Soul Purpose not visually updating Mp bar when using the skill
  • Fixed Cyclop’s stun to inflict only when the player isn’t stunned (No more perma-stun!)
  • Fixed tapping “+” to buy diamonds on certain screens causing overlap with UI when exiting shop