Rankings Update v1.2.60-61

Greetings! At last, the episodic saga of small but big update continues! The Rankings update is rolling out to bring some much needed update to Rankings as well as introducing specialized banners and lots of fixes. This update was supposed to be small, but the need to fix certain issues grew so it just compounded to a pretty big update. We will talk about the improvements done to Rankings first.

Rankings used a lot of buttons to pick and choose what you wanted to view; however, things get really complicated once requests for near by score and previous week were added to the equation. Hence, we went with the drop-down option which takes less space and now has plenty of viewing options to choose from. You can view rankings from the previous week as well as top 100-400 (you can only view 100 at a time) and you can view rankings near your score. We also wanted Rankings to be more personalized so we introduced Banners which is displayed as the background of your rank position.


For this round, we are releasing 21 banners (1x free for default) that will help bring flare to Rankings. Although this round of banners can only be obtained with Diamonds, you can use a new promo code “Banners” to gain 200 Diamonds. This promo code will last till end of July. We plan to introduce unlockable banners in the near future as we didn’t want to make this update too big to handle.

Spanish Translation 99%

In an effort to catch up to speed with in-game translation, I spent a whole week gathering every word in OneBit Adventure to allow for 99% full translation (last 1% is like a few words I am sure I missed XD). This update will have Spanish translation fully complete! Will try to work down the list to get every language updated since the last cycle was before the release of professions which means many are missing out on understanding their abilities! We will do our best to work to get this in and will add in the notes when we do update certain languages.

Here’s is the full release notes for v1.2.60-61:

  • Added various options for viewing top Rankings up to 400 as well as near your Rank position
  • Added various options for viewing Rankings of previous week for Classic and Hardcore
  • Added Banners to Rankings. You can switch and purchase Banners via Profile screen
  • Added Sentinel to Underworld boss spawn
  • Added Prestige level and player level on Share Build screen
  • Added a way to character’s name under Edit Character
  • Increased bottom movement limit for player by half a tile
  • Updated 99% ES-Spanish Translation
  • Updated Cloud Data by splitting data into 3 files in order to save more data due to transfer limits
  • Updated Hardcore death to submit scores upon death rather than when you tap End Adventure
  • Updated Profile screen UI
  • Updated Credits
  • Updated Blacksmith to appear after Underworld and Ruins
  • Updated Goblin to stop searching for coins after reaching 20 coins
  • Updated active icons for Skill slots to make constant active skills match theme colors
  • Updated Overworld boss chunk to preload once instead of fetching it when it spawns
  • Updated Indonesian translation
  • Updated hit detection for when enemies get knocked back
  • Fixed Prestige not resetting saved adventures upon prestiging
  • Fixed scrollbar appearing when quick slots contains 4 items or less
  • Fixed an issue with the way bosses drop loot where certain items fail to spawn when checking certain objects
  • Fixed status effects triggering immune when there is a 0% chance of a status infliction
  • Fixed Anarchy not capping to 300%
  • Fixed Idle animation not resetting sprite rotation
  • Fixed continuously tapping Expedition screen replays animation instead of skipping right away
  • Fixed Chinese translation appearing 2 times in drop down menu
  • Fixed dungeons not avoiding repetition after level 10
  • Fixed issues with Minotaur able to knock the player out of bounds
  • Fixed knockback not canceling charged attacks for non-boss enemies
  • Fixed Multi-Attack not attacking more than +1
  • Fixed Crow’s Cry being upgradeable when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed Ricochet not properly targeting with range
  • Fixed certain text overlaps with other languages