Archer Profession v1.2.56-58

The profession for Archer class is now rolling out to Google Play and App Store! From traps to raining arrows from above, you may have too much fun with this list of unique skills provided! We also had the chance to add Achievements with Google Play Services and add Indonesian translation!

Marksman Profession

The Archer’s Marksman profession is one that focuses on using a vast variety of elemental utilities in order to deal as much damage. Within this, you can wrap, slow, stun, burn, evade, knockback, and vault over fences! Fire Barrage and Ethereal Shot does not count as normal attacks so keep that in mind when you are looking to build the ultimate skillset.

v1.2.56-58 Update log

  • Added Archer profession called Marksman along with 7 new unique skills!
  • Added Indonesian translation
  • Added Google Play Services Achievements
  • Added new Diamond bundle and value % to the shop
  • Updated Self-slow/slow to have 3 turns of immunity after being inflicted with the status
  • Updated Physical Evasion to start off with 5% dodge chance
  • Updated Goblin’s coin buff to increase 2/3/4 -> 1.5/2/3
  • Updated Goblin sprite to change based off coin buff
  • Updated Blacksmith to appear after the Mines
  • Updated all characters to be free when creating except for Ostrich
  • Updated Vault to be a Passive instead of an Active skill
  • Updated recipe for Antidote to 25 -> 20 Apples, 25 -> 10 Pears, 10 Mana Potions
  • Updated recipe for Smoothie to 10 Steaks(changed from Apples), 5 -> 3 Antidotes, 1 Electro-nana
  • Swapped side bar icon of Bug Report with Discord
  • Fixed Anarchy losing whole stack when resuming from campfire after Anarchy starts decaying
  • Fixed max hp not matching current hp when transcending above the 4x player hp threshold
  • Fixed enemy still damaging the player after Lightning Push knocks them away
  • Fixed bosses spawning back to back
  • Fixed Sentinel’s Bolt not producing sound
  • Fixed Snare Trap allowing upgrades when it is not suppose to be upgradeable
  • Fixed Stun Shot overriding equipment Stun Chance
  • Fixed Anarchy not resetting upon death
  • Fixed Anarchy going up to 300.5% when the limit is 300%
  • Fixed Who’s the Boss Now achievement not working when killing any bosses except Hydra
  • Fixed Slow now working properly with enemies
  • Fixed Snare Trap not triggering right away when placing it on yourself
  • Fixed Dpad triggering Wait command when pressing 2 directions at once
  • Fixed VIP Perks not updating upon switching language