Open Beta Hotfix v1.2.43

Hotfix for Open Beta is rolling out! Thank you for all the reports and instant feedback. Below are the fixes coming in this hotfix. A major issue has affected Quick Slots so we are going to reset them to avoid any future errors.

v1.2.43 (Only in Open Beta)

  • Fixed Dark Slash missing 2 target spots that can deal damage if an enemy is on it
  • Fixed Magic Blockade not despawning when entering a dungeon
  • Fixed Overworld boss spawning back to back when loading at steps greater than 6000
  • Fixed Sell All not being clickable when switching between sorting options
  • Fixed Rats not storing non-equippable items
  • Fixed Parry not triggering when Cobra using Squeeze attack
  • Fixed Sign not spawning at the end of Mines and Ruins dungeon
  • Updated Physical Evasion limit to 60% -> 70%
  • Increased Physical Evasion per skill point increase 0.5% -> 1%
  • Increased turn count Sentinel’s Thunder Smite to 7 -> 10 (More time to attack it before he begins his next attack phase)
  • Increased cooldown of Sentinel’s Thunder Smite to 2 -> 15. This means it will not cast Thunder Smite right after 5 turns after completion.
  • Second bolt of Thunder Smite will trigger 1 turn after the first bolt.
  • Fixed visual on Parry where the text popped up twice for damage dealt with parry
  • Fixed Fire Aura not inflicting burn if the enemy follows the player closely
  • Fixed major issues with Sell All causing missing indexes when having items below the index of those in Quick Slot (In order to properly fix, Quick Slots have been reset so you will have to reassign items to Quick Slots)
  • Patched negative item amounts