Behold the Underworld – v1.2.51 Release Notes

It’s time to unleash the biggest update ever in OneBit Adventure! We would like to thank all open beta testers for hashing out all game-breaking bugs to allow a smooth release. This update is pack with lots of juicy content from 4 new bosses (including Alpha Beholder), 8 new enemies, 1 new Thief class, 1 new dungeon, and a lot more fixes as well as suggestions brought to the game by you! For this full release notes, we will highlight all major additions to the game and roadmap what is next.

The Alpha Beholder and his Underworld


This new dungeon is full of treasure, but guarded by the strongest monsters. Chests contains higher equipment stats than normal drops. There’s an increased chance to find chests and the end of the dungeon awaits the Alpha Beholder. This is the best spot to farm up Diamonds and top rated gear, but at the cost of fighting some of the toughest monsters. This dungeon will start spawning once you’ve reached level 20.

4 New Bosses

These new bosses are packed with new attacks including a new status effect called Blindness exclusive to Alpha Beholder boss and Scary Trees. With more bosses comes more opportunities in which now you can fight bosses in the Overworld roughly every 3k steps! Progressively as you level up, Sentinel, Cobra, and Hydra/Mossy Hydra will appear in the Overworld with a magical blockade in which you must defeat the boss in order to continue. Mossy Hydra and Cobra can also spawn in the Mines while the Alpha Beholder is exclusive to the Underworld dungeon. Cobra will occasionally drop an antidote, but other bosses have yet to have special drops and will be added in the future!

8 New Enemies

You can find all these worthy creatures in the Underworld except for Baby Mossy Hydra. Overworld will now spawn Rats and Minotaur in later level segments. These enemies are added to achievements as well!

New Thief Class

The Thief class’s Stealth skill is the first ever starting active skill! This ability allows him to go invisible and have all non-boss enemies ignore him. Upon striking while Stealth is active, he will triple strike! Going Stealth has a limited time of 50 steps with a cooldown of 100 and does not cost any mana. Physical evasion allows him to evade incoming attacks. He starts at 0% and increases by 1% with every skillpoint up to a cap of 70%! We know thieves have a history of magic sorcery and will implement mana into his class once his profession is released which won’t be till much later. His weakness revolves around Mimic chests being able to slow the Thief down. Mimics will exclusively have a 50% chance to give slow when fighting the Thief. In a room full of chests, the Thief may want to think before he opens a chest!

Quick Slots

A long time community request was to add a feature that allows you to use an item without scrolling to find said item. We took it a step further and used the bottom HUD as a Quick Slot bar allowing you to assign items and equipment which will allow you to swap gear with a single tap! To add to the Quick Slot, simply tap the item image twice in the inventory (first tap will lock the item, second tap will add it to Quick Slot).

A TON More Stuff Added

From selling all your items in the shop to pausing Double Xp, there’s a lot of different quality of life features and bug fixes done in this big update. Click here to view the update log including all things added to this game.

The Next Update

We know a lot of you want Archer profession and will be working on that profession starting now! There are more equipment that were suppose to be in this update, but never made it so we will be working on adding some more unique weapons and armor to the game as well as modifying some of the current ones for the better. Translations for different languages are in need of an update as well, but will be holding it off for another 2 months due to new features that would require translations. We will keep an eye on the Thief before working on his profession so we can securely know his limitations.