Skins Update v1.1.43

I wanted to take this opportunity to add some cosmetics to help give more things to use Diamonds with as well as giving an option to buy characters with Diamonds. I’ve also decided to rework the item lock system to be less annoying when scrolling. After this update, I will be officially focused on the Depths update via Open Beta on Google Play (sorry iOS, maybe in the future you shall join us). Now to fancy what this update is about.

Skins upon Epidermis

Skins are purely cosmetic and does not give any advantage. You can buy them upon creating or editing your character. You are not locked into the skin itself so feel free to change away under the Edit Character depending on your day! Be the crate you were meant to be!

Finalized Lock Feature

Me and Izayoi figured it would be best to make the lock work like buttons as far as simply tapping your item’s image. The empty square will tell you if the item is locked. Simply tap that item and you can now lock/unlock with ease. Locking items prevents them from being sold to a merchant so lock your valuables to prevent from accidentally selling!

I got the Magic St— I’m a Warrior…

With this update, mana weapons will spawn less if you are a non-mana class and vice versa. The chance for a Warrior to find a mana weapon is now 75% less likely. The chance for a Wizard to find a non-mana weapon is now 25% less likely. The effect should feel more significant in the long run since spawning is done randomly.

Final Notes for 1.1

This should be the last update for 1.1 aside from Open Beta. It’s been a long journey, but I think the game is ready to accelerate to the next level with way more content and things to do. I am planning to push aside some quality of life requests to focus solely on the Depths update and the Ascension. I’ve mostly been taking requests and feature creeping since a lot of recent features were quite necessary for the game’s long term goals. I am expecting to get v1.2 out in at least 2 weeks from this post. Below is the tl;dr list for this update:

  • Added 12 new skins
  • Added option to buy characters with Diamonds
  • Updated lock feature to lock by tapping the item icon instead of tapping and holding
  • Updated Death status to deal total hp as damage instead of 99999
  • Made equipment drop more uniquely for mana vs non mana characters
  • Fixed Burn not updating achievement and avatar task

4 thoughts on “Skins Update v1.1.43”

  1. This update looks great – I’ve never been more sad to be an iOS user! (Still on v1.1.41, and I’m being regularly pasted by the Cyclops of doom! 🤣)
    No matter, I still like this version, and there will be a very happy crowd of Apple product users if we get the updates later on.
    Good luck with 1.2!!

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