v1.1.51/52 Russian Localize + Pyro Buff

This is a small, but crucial update for future localization. I have reworked the entire wording system to be dynamic with importing languages, gave Pyromancer the buff he deserves, and prepped some fancy stuff for the next special event! I have one person working on Portuguese and Spanish localization due by popular demand! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your upmost passion, spreading the word, and seeing the desire to for OneBit’s growth. Below is the patch notes for this update. Ascension is still under the works and will likely release later than anticipated. More details on that soon.

  • Increased starting burn chance for Pyromancer 0% -> 6%
  • Increased starting burn damage for Pyromancer 4% -> 6%
  • Increased upgrading burn damage for Pyromancer 4% -> 6%
  • Creating names for characters is now optional (Previously required but found it can cause confusion when creating for the first time)
  • Updated tentacles to no longer count to kills
  • Updated special events to work with global time and server commands
  • Updated Tutorial to explain Campfire screen
  • Fixed dead end spot next to Obelisks in Cthulhu’s water area
  • Fixed island in water not affecting Pyro when using ladder
  • Fixed no equipments to upgrade text not appearing
  • Fixed Poison reduction not appearing when upgrading Gustaf’s Mask
  • Fixed issues with special event leveling being level 1 while having a saved file
  • v1.1.52 Update – Fixed certain words not translating properly when switching languages as well as it not saving translations when switching

Use Promo code: “BuffPyro”

I was debating on whether to force Respec on Pyromancer since the increase in skills means you may have extra points that will go to waste with this update. Instead of forcing Respec, I want to try giving a 10,000 coin promo code and see if you guys are okay with this method vs forceful Respec. Use promo code BuffPyro and claim your coins. You can Respec once v1.1.51 releases to reassign skillpoints under Edit Character.

2 thoughts on “v1.1.51/52 Russian Localize + Pyro Buff”

  1. Hello. When is the update? I’m waiting for Russian localization. I played a little, but I liked the game. I stay. I follow and will be happy to help in the development of recall and advertising.

    1. It’s rolled out on iOS, but it’s taking a longer time for Android. Google posted a notice saying app uploads will take longer than expected.

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