Let’s Talk Level Generation

Greetings! As we go on to cooking up the next big update, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes as far as how levels are generated. The current system heavily relies on hand-crafted level chunks and randomly spawning certain items and interactions. This does look work well, but does take time and can even be more troublesome when the generator repeats level chunks. The game currently is fixed with 50 level chunks which can be seen over and over during runs with over 1,000 steps. For this case, I am looking into procedural generation to provide long term benefits.

Procedural Thinking

This word gets tossed around a lot in dungeon crawler games because it is the best level generator for long term gameplay. It provides a random experience without seeing the same level layout. I am excited to try and see what I can cook up to give levels the love they deserve with procedural generation. The next big update v1.1 will not feature procedural generation, but I will be keep you posted here for updates on procedural generation.

OneBit v1.1

This will mark the new era of OneBit as far as what you can do in the game. The game will feature a new dungeon called the “Mines”. This will also bring about new features such as ores, weapons, new enemy, selling items, breakable objects, and more. The new dungeon will appear during your adventure and you are given the option to go in and risk to strike it rich. More details will come as the time gets closer, but for now, enjoy the new look on the enemy that will ruin your day by destroying your precious gems.

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