v1.2.105 Hotfix

We have found a fix for ads not loading on iOS devices and also added a loading indicator for when the ad is loading. This hotfix will fix some more common issues, but we have yet to discover the major level 0 sword bug. Please, if you have any information on how you came across a level 0 sword, be sure to submit a bug report using the contact button above and let me know your username, how you came across it, and what version of the game you are on. I have yet to fix this as cloud save files with this bug naturally fixes once an adventure ends or when the app is closed. I do apologize for the delays and hope to fix this issue. If you have also been wrongfully banned due to this bug, please use the contact form so we can help you get your account back online.

v1.2.105 Update Log:

  • Added loading icon to show when ads are loading. If no icon is shown, the ad state is resolved to be either success or failure. Tapping the watch ad button will attempt to reload another ad.
  • Updated Boss health meter to be displayed on the top when the player is in boss fight range. This will hide steps while fighting a boss. Settings for hide Actions UI will hide boss meter as well
  • Increased rarity drop off for Rustic armor to be able to spawn up to Epic -> Legendary. This should increase the chance for it to be Gold due to scaling for rarity stats.
  • Increased rarity drop off for Snow Hat to be Epic -> Mythical. This should increase the chance for it to be Gold due to scaling of rarity stats
  • Fixed text for reroll ads displaying Not Enough Diamonds when ad fails to show
  • Fixed ads not loading right after watching an ad (This was being affected only to iOS users)
  • Fixed doors staying open when actions UI is hidden
  • Fixed Snow Hat showing +500 Max Health as an upgrade. Note: This will only fix new Snow Hats. Previous Snow Hats will still result in showing +500 Max Health due to the way the stats are linked as Snow Day stat isn’t supposed to be upgradeable.
  • Fixed Unbinding text display
  • Fixed spawning Zombie matching enemy level instead of player level
  • Fixed Double Xp Error 101 quantity