Release Notes v1.2.98

The turkeys are on the loose! We have finally made more progress in fixing a lot of issues and also introducing some new things! We are still having issues with Unity Mediation on iOS so unfortunately, it will be a little longer before Unity Ads works on iOS.

New November Exclusive Enemy: Turkey!

You can now feed the whole family with Cooked Turkey! The Turkey enemy is a November exclusive enemy that has a 10% chance to drop Cooked Turkey. This item can be used to heal 100 hp, but most importantly, allows you to perform an epic backflip! The health of the Turkey is slightly less of a Ghost and the damage is the same as the Skeleton. Kill 100 Turkeys to claim your exclusive Turkey with a Top Hat Avatar!

New Weapon (Tool): Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is a new weapon, but considered more as a tool. It has low damage, but can help make mining ores a breeze! Pickaxe can only be found when killing a Hydra or Mossy Hydra and has a chance to drop a Mining Stat. This stat allows you to mine a bigger range instead of just 1 ore. All ores will receive the same damage dealt so having a Quick Breaking equipment on will break all ores in 1 hit! See gif below for visuals on Mining I – IV. The pickaxe will also only spawn if you are level 10 or greater and have reached over 500 steps.

5 new Themes

Big thanks to redungeoner and limerick_Fencer on Discord for these new amazing themes!

Issues with iOS Unity Ads

I am still in the process of figuring out what is going on with Unity Ads on iOS. Expanding ad network with Unity Mediation works on Android, but iOS still causes errors. Will be rolling out the iOS version as v1.2.99 without Unity Ads. Hoping to fix the issue in the next future.

More Changes and Fixes

This update comes with a lot of fixes and changes. Beholder will put up more of a challenge with its new ability to spawn Dreamers near the player. We’ve added Pizza Avatar and more small changes to the game.

Update Log v1.2.97-98

  • Added 1 new Ostrich skin exclusive to the month of November
  • Added 5 new Themes
  • Added Turkey enemy exclusive to month of November
  • Added Cooked Turkey as item drop for Turkey which heals 100 hp and performs a backflip
  • Added Turkey with Hat avatar exclusive to month of November
  • Added confetti effect when you have danced with the Reaper
  • Added an option to watch Ads to reroll upgrades. This does not increase Diamond cost for rerolls and is limited to 3 per equipment
  • Added Pizza avatar
  • Added Pickaxe which is exclusively dropped from Hydra and Mossy Hydra. Requirements for spawning are level 10 or greater and step count of 500 or greater
  • Updated Beholder’s slam for Gargoyles to also spawn 3 Dreamers near the player
  • Updated Beholder’s Telepathic Ray to trigger when hp is below 30% -> 75%
  • Updated Tree sprites
  • Updated Banana to spawn only when level 15 or greater
  • Updated Necromancer’s Druid skin to summon a Wolf instead of a Zombie when using Soul Summon. Stats are the same as Zombie.
  • Updated Gargoyle to be immune to knockback when turned to Stone
  • Updated Blacksmith screen to show locked/favorite equipment on the top of the list right after currently equipped
  • Updated Dancing Knight to be use its own id instead of sharing it with Cyclops
  • Updated max amount of character slots from infinite -> 50. If you have more than 50, you can still use those characters; however, you will not be able to create any new ones.
  • Updated Daily Login to give avatar reward if you didn’t claim the reward the day the reward was presented. Rewards for coins and diamonds still require you tap to claim
  • Fixed Unity Ads (currently fixed on Android, iOS still is not working!)
  • Fixed Flan Avatar task not counting when it destroys an item
  • Fixed certain player’s daily login rewards not being received prior to v1.2.88
  • Fixed Evil/Scary Tree staying awake after the player uses Stealth
  • Fixed Bat sprite displaying behind Gargoyle when asleep and Tomb sprites with Mummies
  • Fixed coins stored in enemies by Coin Thrower being counted towards coins collected upon killing. Only coins picked up by the enemy from the ground will count towards coin collected upon killing.
  • Fixed Daily Login not updating unlocked avatar immediately after claiming
  • Fixed hardcore characters using Classic Diamonds to purchase skills instead of their Hardcore Diamonds
  • Fixed Daily Quests and Daily Login not resetting if the app is open when the day changes midnight
  • Fixed an error that occurs when claiming daily quests while Daily Quests are disabled. The screen will now be blank since those quest rewards are unattainable when disabled.