Cloud Save Update Phase 2 – v1.1.31

At long last, Cloud Save phase 2 is here! This update features the built-in cloud transfer function so you can transfer your save files to another device with ease. We also took the time to adjust some skills that were previously nerfed as well as bring a sneak peek to our next boss for those that are VIP 3. After this update, we shall work on getting Ascension to you by January 28th. Let’s rundown this wall of text update.

Cloud Transfer – How does it work?

Cloud savings are done automatically when logging in, starting adventures, ending adventures, and closing the game. When it comes to getting your save file onto another device, it’s now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Remember your cloud Id and username from the device you want to transfer. Usernames are case sensitive and the info can be found in the main menu settings!
  2. On the new device, go to main menu>Settings>Transfer Save File and input the info in the 2 text boxes
  3. Tap Retrieve and wait for the game to reset

We wanted to ensure your save files are secure so we decided to keep save files on the older devices after transferring. This means you don’t have to fear for someone stealing your save file as they would only get a copy while being limited to a number of attempts before getting locked out. Usernames are case-sensitive so make sure everything is exact and remember that Usernames do not transfer. We will add a change username feature in a future update.

The unfortunate event is the Syncing feature will be postponed. We could have got it in, but more questions rose about ways that players could accidentally delete files during syncing. To avoid conflict, we decided to just avoid it for now.

VIP 3 Goodies

We took the time to add a 1 avatar to VIP 3, but ultimately want to wait for Ascension as the objectives will be more diverse than previous challenges due to new features. Since we know many are eager to know about the next upcoming boss, VIP 3’s first avatar to claim will be just that. You will be able to rock the boss avatar like no other when reaching VIP 3. We have a plan for more benefits on VIPs, but all is in due time.

Release notes

Here’s the notes for this v1.1.31 update. We are aware of a few bugs not on the list, but hoping to flesh them out very soon:

  • Added Cloud save transfer. Access this via Main Menu Settings.
  • Added 1 Avatar for VIP 3
  • Increased Crit Chance 1% => 1.5%
  • Increased Double Strike 1% => 1.5%
  • Increased skill cap for Soul Cooldown 50% => 80%
  • Increased boss loot stats for equipment. Stats will range from 70-100% of the equipment’s max potential.
  • Updated boss loot to guarantee 1 equipment drop
  • Updated Rustic loot droppings to have a rarity fall off. This means rustic gear will not spawn past Epic tier.
  • Fixed rarely moving into enemies when they are on a coin
  • Fixed redeeming coins for promo codes
  • Fixed Stun Chance not inflicting
  • Fixed achievement “[Complete]” text for killing Flan and Mimics
  • Fixed hp text wrap on enemies and player ui
  • Fixed text overlap when attacking enemies
  • Fixed text overlap when using double ore to pick up ores on the left or right side of the map
  • Fixed avatar challenge text cut off
  • Fixed avatar challenge for tree form only registering attacks from Wizard
  • Fixed Reaper spawning at 1500 steps instead of 2000 steps
  • Fixed display of Multi-Atk text on player stats
  • Fixed transaction bug when purchasing the 100 diamonds on revive screen then trying to purchase from main menu causing it to say, “You have already purchased this item”.
  • Fixed resend score bug
  • Fixed diamonds not updating after reviving from main menu

Closing in on 100k Users!

It’s crazy but true! Across Android and iOS, we are close to reaching 100,000 users! We thank you all for your support in helping us bring more ideas to the table and being quite to respond with bug reports. The board of directors, aka Me and Izayoi (the bug tester), have plans for an in-game special event soon. We know everyone wants more bosses and we will bring you just that, literally. This will be a limited event and will be coming within the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Save Update Phase 2 – v1.1.31”

  1. This update will make me really excited, bit could you make equipment have a drop chance in chests, or in at least locked room chests?

  2. Awesome! Though I really haven’t notice anything that required complaining about, and the one time did complain ended with a quick response and settled without any farther problems! That’s what makes it for me, when you give a damn! Awesome indeed, & offline a big plus for a prepaid phone plan user like myself. In case can’t get plan when time to renew, can still play games without. Look forward to new additions and if, new games in future. Thank You. Billy

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