v1.1.26 Hotfix

We are prepping for the Ascension update, but before we get to that, we are pushing this quick hotfix. This will fix some major issues with transaction errors and overall a few minor issues. The next update release will be cloud save v1.1.27 before the holidays to help with transferring your save files to your new device.

– Reset Skillpoints to prepare skill limits and Ascension update
– Fixed burn not inflicting
– Fixed transaction errors when switching screen while making a purchase
– Fixed bottom UI cut off on certain devices
– Fixed player going into another enemy when moving too quickly
– Fixed Soul Count overlapping
– Fixed losing items when force closing the app
– Fixed not enough coin popup when creating a character
– Added AMOLED theme for Vip 3
– Added iOS rate us page when reaching level 5 once
– Updated retro theme color as certain objects were hard to distinguish
– Updated sell price of Weapons/Armor to 5. (This was breaking the coin economy)
– Updated limits for all skills (no more 101.5% crit chance ๐Ÿ™ )
– Updated global health upgrade to 10% per skillpoint
– Updated global damage upgrade to 5% per skillpoint
– Updated burn damage to deal base dmg instead of percentage
– Increased Key spawn rate by 5%
– Increased scaling 5% Hp and 5% Dmg of enemies in Classic mode
– Increased Expedition buffs by 5% in Classic mode
– Nerfed Necromancer’s Transcendence. Every Transcendence will increase the Soul count by 5. In the Ascension update, you will be able to choose when to transcend in the Ascension update, but for now, this will be in place.

7 thoughts on “v1.1.26 Hotfix”

    1. It is scheduled for Dec. 28th; however, it may be pushed as I work to get Cloud Save in before the holidays.

  1. I feel like there should still be different sell prices depending on the rarity of the equipment. Thereโ€™s otherwise no really good way to get a decent amount of coins fast if you are needing to buy something.

    1. Agreed, we reduced the prices but doesn’t make sense for it to stay that way. Next update, we will increase based off level and rarity.

    1. The soul cooldown reduction was definitely a mistake on my part. Soul cooldown was not suppose to be nerfed rather it was suppose to remain as 2% increase. This will be fixed in the next update!

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