Themes, Changes, and the Future

We are looking to bring more epic retro color palette to OneBit. With limited colors, we can put a spin on the entire game cosmetically in a very easy (but took hours to do code) fashion! These will be called Theme packs. You will be able to purchase them with Diamonds along with different visual effects soon to be revealed. Below is a sample of the Monochrome style. Note that text is not coded in this version, but upon release, text color will also fit the theme’s colors.

Pay-to-Play Removal

We have had the feature of perma-death characters for quite some time, but in doing so, we made it sort of a paywall by making players pay diamonds for classes past level 20. In order to keep players engaged, we are removing perma-death since it does catch players by surprise when they don’t have enough diamonds. For those who did enjoy this feature as a challenge, we do plan on providing perma-death with a new Hardcore mode so stay tuned for that.

What’s After?

We feel it is that time to move the game to the next level. We plan on introducing a new dungeon featuring the great Cthulhu as a new boss and a water dungeon with islands, ladders, runes, and artifacts for the player to uncover. We want each dungeon to be diverse in its own way so this dungeon will be considered the Sacred Lore update. More info on what is to come soon!

iOS Release

We are still pushing to get OneBit on App Store within a week. We have had to jump through many loopholes, but rest assure, we will get there!

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