OneBit will be at Fall Experiment 2019

Greetings, just wanted to post an update that we will be at the Fall Experiment 2019 to showcase OneBit featuring the arcade cabinet. We are excited to see how this attraction becomes as Steve Aoki is the featured headliner for this event! Tickets are on-sale, location will be in Milwaukee,WI at the Wisconsin Center, and the date will be Oct. 4-5. Lots of gaming and lots of things to do. Use this link to get your tickets.

Icade with OneBit + iOS port

I was able to get a macbook and export OneBit to an iPhone! This is great news as this means OneBit will be launching sooner to iOS and also have players play on an arcade cabinet. An icade machine works like a bluetooth keyboard except you can play games compatible with it. We will be bringing both these bad boys to the Fall Experiment and future events so if we come to a location near you, get ready to game on an arcade machine with OneBit!

More Enemies

Be prepared as the next big update will include more enemies to make your adventure a tedious one. These enemy types will be unique with some being able to attack with range while others inflict unique status effects. Stay tuned as we continue to bring more content to OneBit.

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