Hotfix v1.1.41

I took some time to stabilize the game’s bugs, but finally we have the ultimate hotfix. This includes a new opacity slider for the dpad settings, fixes to some OP combos, and fixing that spawn rate of the new Snake enemy that just never appeared in the Caves. Note: This update is rolled out on the App Store, but not Google Play due to Windows laptop not wanting to cooperate. Blast those Reapers!

  • Added Dpad Opacity settings
  • Reverted movement controls (You can now move super fast when tapping or swiping)
  • Reduced price of Antidote via Merchant 5000 => 3000
  • Reduced Cyclops hp by 15%
  • Reduced Cyclops dmg by 10%
  • Updated Double Strike to not inflict Status Effects on 2nd strike. On-Hit effects such as Lifesteal will still proc on 2nd strike
  • Updated Bleed damage for enemy vs player to stack 1% of max hp per inflict
  • Fixed Snake spawn rate not spawning
  • Fixed Saved Adventure not transferring via Cloud
  • Fixed Bleed damage for player vs enemy not using equipment stats
  • Fixed certain text not using theme colors
  • Fixed Locking items bug (officially fixed)

Google Play Store will be releasing at least by Feb. 3rd. Thank you for the ongoing support and feedback! I look forward to adding more content soon. In the meantime, I will be on hiatus as my newborn daughter was born 1/31! Praise the sun!

7 thoughts on “Hotfix v1.1.41”

  1. Congratulations with baby girl. Also cool on fixes, add on’s, & when to expect Google Play to get in gear. Thanks. Now go be a dad!

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