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What is up you guys, this is Jonathan Concepcion and this is the start of my gaming company. After completing my YouTube adventure as SpaceKryptonite, I wanted to try and reignite my passion for making games. I am not new to game development but nor have I officially released a game. Galactic Slice is everything I am which boils down to loving pizza. I am happy to bring you a slice of new ideas in my mind starting with OneBit Adventure.

The journey started with tinkering. I stumbled across a free asset pack that caught my eye. Being a programmer, I didn't have much flexibility in creating assets nor the artistic eye. That's when Scott Hartill (aka Cluly) came along to help with creating tiles and characters for the project, Onebit. Within 3 months, I was able to develop a playable game known as OneBit Adventure, where you not only adventure, but also survive against some of the toughest enemies you will encounter. This is the start of something great that connects with my inner passion for retro gaming in a strategic manner.

Galactic Slice is a game company based in Milwaukee, WI.


Jonathan Concepcion-Rodriguez

Founder & CEO

(The guy on the left)

Lead programmer and developer. Lone wolf pizza hunter. Also known as SpaceKryptonite.