v1.1.42 Hotfix

This is a tiny hotfix with some new features. Enjoy and thank you all for the congratulations! You the best.

  • Added Change Username to shop
  • Added Achievement for killing Ghouls
  • Added new IAP to the shop
  • Updated tips for Bleed
  • Updated Knockback stun to have a 50% reduction on the next stun chance if the player is already stunned
  • Update Respec button to hide if character is dead
  • Fixed resources not displaying correct amount when upgrading
  • Fixed Cyclops stunning when the player is knockbacked to an open space

3 thoughts on “v1.1.42 Hotfix”

  1. Swipe method little bit glitchy. Switched to pad style. Works like a clock so far. Nice game. Maybe music in the menu little bit annoying.

  2. Jonathan and OneBit team:

    Your work is amazing! You have managed a crazy job balancing the many, many aspects of the game and responding to bugs, player requests, and fixes while still churning out new aspects and other updates. 🤩
    Thank you for the hours of work put into the game to make it an ever-improving experience for players. I eagerly await the Ascension update and Depths dungeon, and am happy to wait patiently, it will definitely be worth it. It’s so fun to watch the game develop live and be part of the fine tuning.

    To my fellow players:
    Take the time to go back and read EVERY article post in the Archives. You will learn a ton about the game, it’s history, and future plans. Consider reading articles before posting suggestions and you just might find there are already plans in the works for your idea! Jonathan has pretty much thought of everything. 😀 That said, he’s awesome at incorporating and responding to all user feedback, it really seems to be a collaborative effort. Ears are always open to our ideas.

    Thank you for a truly fun game!

    1. Thank you for the very kind words! I look forward to continuing this ongoing development and content! 🙂

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