v1.1.30 Hotfix

As family are over for the holidays, not much new progress has been made. We are happy and excited though to implement a much requested feature into the game!

  • New! You can now play music from other apps while playing OneBit. Note: You will need to manually adjust in-game audio to your liking as there is no auto mute when other apps are playing audio.
  • Fixed a offline mode bug that deleted characters one time if no cloud save id was found
  • Fixed Respec bug which was trying to remove points off multiple characters.
  • Since Respec was removing points off multiple characters, we did a reset to all character skillpoints.

Happy holidays and see you next year!

10 thoughts on “v1.1.30 Hotfix”

  1. Nice game, cool mechanics without draining my battery life in a matter of minutes and without a barrage of adds. I will recommend this to my friends and family and such.

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