The Hardcore Update

Everyone loves a bit of challenge and with this update, we decided to crank up a lot of things that hasn’t been touched since the Equipment Update. We also appreciate all the feedback given so far and this update is full of wonderful requests from Free Revive via timer to fixing Endure to customizable Dpad, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at this binder full of features that has come with this Hardcore Update.

Hard Mode Engage!

We are now at the point where people want more of a challenge and being rewarded for it. I present Hardcore mode to push your power and knowledge to the limits as you struggle to survive knowing that 1 death truly means game over. Yes, true permadeath even from Main Menu. The reward comes with greatness as you can compete for even better rewards and VIP xp in the Rankings exclusive to Hardcore mode.

You get a Revive, you get a Revive, we all get Revives!

We never intended to create a paywall so with this update, you can now wait for characters to get a Free Revive! The cost for revives also goes down overtime so look forward to just taking a break every now or just make another character and check back later! We appreciate everyone’s feedback!

Theme Packs

You can now be stylish with the color of the game via Theme Packs. Most Themes costs Diamonds while some are exclusive to VIP. You can find them on the sidebar in the Main Menu.

VIP Baby!

VIP is it’s own level progression that can be progressed by making in-app purchases or by ranking top 3 on the Hardcore leaderboards. You start at level 0 and can work your way up to 7. The rewards ranges from Free revives, reducing Revive timers, Avatars, Themes, and more in future updates.

Avatar Showboat

Ever wanted to stand out on the leaderboard? Me too, but then they would call me a hacker. Anyways, Avatars are here to help you stand out from the crowd. We’ve added a new Profile screen to the main menu that will keep track of stats, view VIP perks, and allow you to change your Avatar. Unlock Avatars by completing unique tasks and you will be rewarded! You can also complete tasks for VIP avatars without being that VIP level. This means if you decide to level up in VIP, you will get all avatars unlocked.

New Enemy! The Ghoul

With this huge update, we wanted to bring in a new family to OneBit featuring the Ghoul. He may look like a friendly puddle of mud, but I can assure you he is dangerous! He is the first true counter to the Wizard since the Wizard cannot shoot directly at the puddle form and forces close combat. His aggression is high, but overtime will return to mud if left in peace.

Praise the Dpad

We have added customizable Dpad positioning and scaling! Huzzah!

Dynamic Server Balance

We are aware the difficulty on Classic mode was pretty easy to begin with, but now that more players are giving feedback, we can adjust according. In order to adjust difficulty without forcing people to update, we have created a dynamic database that can update enemy difficulty via server! This means we can balance the game more efficiently and in real time which helps out tremendously for future updates.

The List goes on. Here’s a TLDR;

Full release notes:
— New! —
– Added Hardcore mode
– Added Hardcore rankings
– Added Theme packs
– Added VIP Perks
^ Earn with IAP or hardcore ranking reward
– Added 27 Unlockable Avatars
– Added Tooltips (Will add more later)
– Added new enemy called the Ghoul!
– Added Customizable Dpad
– Added free revive timer for main menu

– Added Lifetime stats/profile
^ Unfortunately, any stats before this update were not tracked

—- List of fixes and changes —-
– Fixed UI cropping for iPhone X series
– Fixed Death bug with Necromancer when transcended
– Fixed prematurely closing the app not saving files
– Fixed inventory not saving items when using campfires
– Fixed foreign text not being supported with font file
– Fixed quantity of Mana potions via Merchant. It was showing 2 instead of 1 when using the Wizard.
– Fixed Endure bug
– Fixed Foreign text not showing up
– Fixed difficulty balance
– Increased starting campfire spawn to 100 steps
– Optimized the way the game gets info for the Rankings
– Reduced Reaper spawn rate
– Reduced stun timer to 2 (previously 4)
– Reduced Key spawn by 5%
– Updated Reapers to only spawn after 2,000 steps
– Updated default movement to Swipe
– Updated default movement to swipe

v1.1.20 update
– Fixed offline mode not patching game
– Fixed avatar icons not showing a lock icon for those that are locked
– Updated hardcore mode to have separate currency

2 thoughts on “The Hardcore Update”

  1. When can we expect the Hardcore update and patch 1.1.20 to arrive in the AppStore? I just checked and they are not there yet.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, that version should be rolled out. Currently awaiting for Apple to roll out v1.1.23 as it contains the patch for all major bugs. It may take 2-3 days for it to roll out everywhere.

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