Special Event v1.1.33

Greetings! We have lots to bring to the table as we get closer to the Ascension update coming Jan. 28th, but first, I wanted to personally thank everyone for reaching 100k players! I never dreamed of OneBit reaching this much players around the world! To celebrate, I decided to squeeze in a bit of a surprise update featuring a limited time mode called Boss-pocalypse. What is this you may ask? It’s exactly what you think it is.


Not going to spoil the good fun with a gif, but expect tons of joy and loot! This event will happen from January 24th – 26th. Here’s some basic info stuff you need to know about this event.

  • This event does not count towards Rankings
  • Free Main Menu revive after dying in this mode
  • All loot and currency is saved
  • Loot droppings will be Rogue rarity
  • Expedition buffs starts at 110% hp and 100% dmg
  • You may play as much as you want during the event

We want to bring more events like this in a more intricate way in the future so be on the look out for the Reap— I mean, fun events!

Release Notes v1.1.33

Lots of good fixes in this update.

  • Added Special Event
    • This is found under level select. When an event is live, it will notify over the level select button
  • Added display text for session stats while at a campfire
  • Updated level select screen
    • Level select now goes based off your character’s level
    • Level selections are current level, below 1 level, below 5 levels, and below 10 levels
  • Updated leaderboard rewards to top 100 players!!!
    • Rewards for diamonds adjusted to scale down properly to 100
  • Updated Merchant spawning if none is found past 1000 steps
  • Updated Key spawning if none is found past 750
    Updated burn damage to increase by percentage: +1 per stat => 4% per stat with a starting of 4%
  • Fixed stun chance bug… again
  • Fixed Transaction pending bug… again
  • Decreased sprite size of magic attacks
  • Increased burn chance 1.5% => 2%

8 thoughts on “Special Event v1.1.33”

  1. I think an excellent way to enhance this game would be to add potion hotkeys on the HUD! This would be very helpful, especially for late game expeditions when you need to keep pulling up your inventory to stay alive.


  2. I think necromancer and pyromancer are very fun now, with necromancer not being too op and pyromancer being playable, thanks for the update.

  3. Thanks for the pyro update. I have one with over 30% chance that was beginning to look useless.

    I think a nice update would be listing your amount of resources somewhere when dealing with the blacksmith. Or and easy button to go look at them.

  4. Would you be able to transfer the armor/weapon sprites to the in game character model? seeing all the crazy good models would enhance the experience so much!

    1. I think this type of design element would require more pixels in which for this title might not make the characters match the 16-bit graphics. Will likely be a feature in its sequel. 😛

  5. You’ve impressed us all with your effort that has been poured into your game. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.
    Thanks Jon.

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