OneBit v1.0.14

This hotfix is on fireeeeeee!

– Added Left handed mode for Dpad (Thank you left handed person for letting me know about this)
– Buffed all enemies, just a tiny bit… 5%
– Fixed coins, keys, and diamonds appearing in inventory (They will go to the right place when you load up)
– Fixed Achievement claim not responding
– Fixed Stat meters not displaying in Character Creation screen
– Fixed Sound Volume going way to another dimension
– Fixed Evil Tree giving his position away by animating
– Fixed Warrior bug. Skillpoints will be refunded

Due to exploits, we have updated the leaderboard to v3. Your scores will still remain, but will be required to update to this version in order to join the ranks.

Progress on the Mines

The official theme for the new Dungeon will be called the Mines. This is making some good progress and will introduce some new items to the game. We are planning to get weapons/armor into the system, but will have to be careful about what bugs might appear. This may be delayed due to the coding of transition to new locations. After the mines is bug free, new Dungeons will be easier to add and may expect sooner releases of new areas to explore for your adventure. Keep an eye for 9/4.

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