Huge Update is Making Huge Progress

Greetings. Things have been going pretty crazy as I wrap up on how the Weapon/Armor system functions. Things got a little more complex with than intended, but hopefully it all pays off. Let’s go through a rundown on what is soon to come.


The Mines are going to be the hotspot for finding breakable crates that provide a chance for you to acquire weapons and armor. Attacking such objects can take multiple turns so you will need to be aware of surrounding enemies. Since I figure that adding such stats will make the game easier, we will buff the enemy health a tiny bit… 5%


The skills you level up will now hold a new tab called Equipment. This screen will allow you to tap and equip items that match the criteria. With this huge update, we are limiting the stats and weapons you can acquire until we can further squash any nasty bugs.

The Creepy Guy

That creepy guy next to the Warrior in the .gif is a placeholder for the soon to be John Brussel the Blacksmith (don’t say sprout!). He will upgrade your weapon/armor for the price of gems. He can only be found at the entrance of the Mines so its best to talk to him and see what gems you need to upgrade certain items. Upgrade limits will randomly range based off your character’s level. This means you may find a strong weapon with 1 upgrade slot or a weak weapon with 5 upgrade slots. The chances vary which should make for interesting loots as the system grows in what stats you can acquire.

That’s a Wrap

A lot of time has been spent reworking the code to fit the system. As long as no big groundbreaking bug accords, it may be safe to say Boss will come on-time, but no promises. I look forward to making OneBit Adventure a truly epic experience with a complex minimalist approach that will make you find things some may never find. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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