Hotfix v1.1.28

This hotfix is so hot that it breathes fire! Take a gander at the bugs fixes and the new Respec feature below in this update. As a reminder, iOS won’t receive this update until Dec. 28th… ish. Depends on Apple.

  • Added “Low Health” text when going below 10% hp
  • Added Respec for resetting skillpoints (10,000 coins cost, found under Edit Character)
  • Added “Can’t Heal” notification for trying to heal in transcended form
  • Updated equipment sell price to scale with rarity and equipment level
  • Updated Minimum upgrade slots to scale with level
  • Updated leveling for Soul cooldown 1% => 2%
  • Updated leveling for Crit Chance 2.5% => 1%
  • Changed name of Hp Efficiency to Heal Efficiency
  • Increase loot drop rate by 10% on hardcore
  • Increase loot drop selection by 10% when breaking crate/barrel
  • Fixed Necromancer magic attacks being big like a boss
  • Fixed color for 1st Avatar which was not registering with themes
  • Fixed no Xp given when enemy is killed by burn
  • Fix status effect overlap on boss when burned
  • Fixed health of enemies not appearing when moving to a space before they are detected
  • Fixed health of boss appearing in different directions when the boss jumps over you
  • Fixed healing while in Transcended form
  • Fixed hitbox issues preventing enemies from moving on the chunk line collider
  • Fixed Text overlap on skills menu when using Necromancer
  • Fixed home button instantly going home when you press it while resting (How rude of that button!)
  • Fixed Ranking rewards not stacking properly
  • Fixed Amethyst sprite having 2 while lines on the left
  • Fixed hardcore level 50 avatar not unlocking
  • Fixed tutorial text overlap when opening any bottom ui
  • Fixed background of certain avatars
  • Fixed boss still dealing damage after dying
  • Fixed low hp red pulse not pulsing properly
  • Patched end cave boss spot that causes unreachable item drop (Blast you potion, we put a crate to take your spot)

P.S.: Boss loot drop still is a standard drop. We will push the rarity up and stats of boss loot in the next update as I completely forgot to work on that!

1 thought on “Hotfix v1.1.28”

  1. I was really worrying about running out of money, thankfully i stocked up with potions before and have a lot of money to spare
    But 5 coin is too little to sustain myself without grinding for chests and bosses
    Thanks for the hotfix!

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