Fixing All Major Bugs v1.1.23

It has taken quite the turn around with the new update but I can assure you, we have a fix for all major bugs with v1.1.23. This update should be live now on Google Play Store; however, still rolling out on iOS so you may not receive it till 2-3 days from now. Below is the notes for what this update fixes: (For real this time!)

– Fixed Leaderboard avatars not updating to server
– Fixed level chunks soft locking game by spawning too much
– Fixed Character select bug
– Disabled level select for hardcore mode
– Fixed server throttling (It may take time to be fully fixed as more players switch to v1.1.23)
– Fixed item sort bug (Not listed on update but it is fixed!)

We thank you for your patience and are looking forward to providing more smoother updates as we look forward to the new year! Thank you!

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