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Is OneBit coming to iOS?

It has just released! Click to view on App Store

Can I transfer characters to other devices?

No, saves are attached to the device they are installed on. We are looking into saving files on our servers in the future.

How often will updates come?

Current goal is every 2-3 weeks given there is no severe bugs that needs to be fixed.

How can I earn Diamonds without paying money?

Completing daily quests, certain achievements, promo codes, and finding rare chests will give you Diamonds.

Why does going downward kill my character?

It was an old feature in closed beta where the screen chases and kills you if you didn’t move fast enough. This feature was removed, but we still love to keep the screen kill as a nod to this forgotten feature.

Bats are going over fences and walls!?

Yup, they fly in this game… except ghosts… darn their ability to phase through…

Where can I submit bugs or suggestions?

Visit the Contact Us page and submit a form.

How do I unlock the Almighty Ostrich?

It’s all a secret. Shhh.