Fall Experiment Deep Dive

Greetings, it has been quite the journey so far as I prepare for Fall Experiment. I have been in the works on wrapping up the current build to be compatible with ion icade (a Bluetooth arcade machine) to make the most of Fall Experiment by bringing OneBit to your hands via an arcade machine! This has been a big pain in the rear, but at last we have reached the end of the arcade build which means more time to talk about the new stuff. Without further ado, let’s “dive” into the new stuff.

Next Dungeon + New Items

I want to pump out as many updates with dungeons and bosses in them to fill the gap that lies in what you see in the game. I also want to open up more possible items that can play a key role into the game along with inventory limitations. This means you won’t be able to hold all your items and management will be key for adventures. Let’s start with the new dungeon in this Deep Dive.


I am excited to present the next boss on the list will be the grand Cthulhu which will introduce a new dungeon along with more enemies. Fear the tentacles of doom! No exact ETA, but you can expect small updates leading to this gorgeous beast.

Next 2 Week Update

I want to focus on getting new content and while the big picture will be the new dungeon, the next 2 weeks will focus on bugs, QOL for necromancer, new level chunks, and new enemies. With Fall Experiment coming to a close, I will be looking forward to pumping more time into the public release and more time on getting this game on iOS sometime in November. Thank you for the support, let’s get this game on the map as we continue to report all the lovely bugs that comes with new updates!

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