More Weapons, more Armor, more features! iOS Release Date is set!

Greetings! It has been quite a while since our last post. Most of it has been recuperating from Fall Experiment and from being sick, but all is well now. Today, I am excited to talk about some new features as well as ideas shared through our official OneBit Discord. Without further ado, let’s talk about content.

Expeditions for Long Adventures

Ever wanted to feel good about doing a long hard adventure? Yes? Well, the feature you crave is finally coming! In our upcoming update, we will be aiming to release a new feature to help aid your cravings for challenge and unique loot by introducing Expeditions. You start an adventure as usual; however, you will reach a point where you hit a goal such as 500 steps and view how the world will change. The buffs includes more XP, increase loot rarity, and most importantly tougher enemies. The further you go, the higher the bonuses increases. This will play a good risk vs reward factor which I am sure many of you will enjoy.

Delicious Loot

We have more assets lined up to go into the game as far as weapons, and armor, but we also want to say that these will have unique stats via Expedition goals along with its rarity. Some may increase stats during an adventure while others may inflict status effects upon those wretched bats. While you may encounter the same loot, the stats will be different the further you adventure. We will also be adding a quality of life feature that will tell you what level the weapon is currently by looking in your inventory.


Current milestones for OneBit Adventure has been random since a lot of time was spent on press conferences, but currently, we have taken a break from them as they take a lot of time to setup. This means our milestones will be more consistent with what we intend. Below are a list of milestones written for the sake of letting you know when you can expect what feature:

  • PC Mirror port – Beginning of November
  • New Dungeon + Boss – End of November
  • More weapons, armor, items, enemies – Continuously every update
  • Lore Progression System – December 10 ~ 20

iOS Official Release Date

We are excited to say that after much debate and getting the app running on an iphone, the official release date will be December 20th! This will be just in time for the holidays and will include more content that is already in store! As a way to celebrate, we will be releasing a promo code for everyone which will include diamonds around the time of the event. We will keep you posted.

OneBit Arcade Machine

We have gotten quite the questions from our previous promotional about OneBit being playable on an Arcade Cabinet. This is currently possible via ION iCade machine which is only iPad dependent. We will be in the talks with a manufacturer for the purpose of getting a physical machine for OneBit Adventure! This is definitely exciting, but won’t be available to the public til later next year as we want the game to be in a much ready state.

That’s a Wrap for now

Think there is a lot on our plate for now, but this will definitely be a fun journey. I do hope you guys are enjoying the game and hope OneBit reaches its peak expectations in the future updates to come. Thank you for your support and bug reports! 😛

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