Expedition Update is Here! v1.1.11

Greetings! Expedition is here to bring you more loot, more challenges, and more joy to your travels. For this post, I am going to go through all the hidden details that this update offers as far as weapons, armor, and buffs to expeditions.

Expedition Buffs

*Earlier version of buffs*

Expedition goals are triggered for every 500 steps and will stack on previous buffs. This in turn will make adventures passed 2,000 steps a challenge with the counter being better loot drops. Here’s the fancy numbers written on a table for you to plan your adventures accordingly. Note that these numbers may change in the future for balance purpose.

Buff Type
Steps: 500
Max Cap
Bonus Xp
Enemy Hp
Enemy Damage
Loot Rarity

Delicious Loot Rarity

Loot rarity is a new number to the generator when it comes to spawning a weapon/armor. It is a factor that will increase the granted stats by +50% of its maximum value. This means the base max damage of a Rogue Longsword is +250% more than a Basic Longsword. Certain weapons/armors will also not spawn unless you are in that loot rarity zone. Below is another table for you to feast as it contains all weapons/armors in the game along with when they spawn and what stats has a chance to spawn with it. Stats may change or update in the future as I am ironing out the balance between overpowered weapons.

Weapon/ArmorRarity SpawnLevel SpawnStat Gain/Chance to Gain
LongswordBasic1Dmg – 100%
Crit Chance – 25%
Crit Dmg – 25%
Rustic HelmetBasic1Hp – 100%
Rustic Chest-plateBasic1Hp – 100%
Extra Coin – 5%
CleaverBasic5Dmg – 100%
Self-Slow – 90%
Magic StickBasic1Mp Dmg – 100%
Large RodUncommon5Mp Dmg – 100%
Mana – 60%
Defender Chest-plateUncommon5Hp – 100%
Armor – 50%
Defender HelmetUncommon5Hp – 100%
Hp Efficiency – 50%
Brod Chest-plateUncommon5Hp – 100%
Armor – 80%
+2 Stew output – 40%
Brod HelmetUncommon5Hp – 100%
AxeRare5Dmg – 100%
Bleed – 80%
Bleed Chance – 100%
ScepterRare5Mp Dmg – 100%
Mana – 100%
Multi-Attack – 50%
GreatswordEpic10Dmg – 100%
Crit Chance – 100%
Self-Slow – 75%
Berserk – 50%
Stun Chance – 25%
Gauntlet Chest-plateEpic5Hp – 100%
Armor – 100%
Quick Breaking – 50%
Double Ore – 10%
Gauntlet HelmetEpic5Hp – 100%
Armor – 80%
Endure – 25%
Majestic Chest-plateLegendary10Hp – 100%
Armor – 100%
Majestic HelmetLegendary10Hp – 100%
Armor – 100%
DaggerRogue1Dmg – 100%
Crit Chance – 100%
Crit Dmg – 50%

New Stats to Equipment

There are some new stats that will add to your adventures. Most are base stats while some change mechanics of the game. We will go over all the new stuff.

  • Self-Slow – Weapons with this will have a chance to make you gain the Slow status effect. This will make each action cost 2 turns so enemies can attack/move twice rather than once. This effect lasts for 2 player turns.
  • Armor – This will negate 20% of Damage based off the amount of armor. Having +10 armor means 2 damage will be ignored from enemies attacking you.
  • Hp Efficiency – This will increase the value of health items. Example: Steak heals 40 hp, but with 50% Hp Efficiency, you will heal 60 hp.
  • +2 Stew Output – Stewpots are one time use, but having this will double the output without using more ingredients.
  • Bleed/Bleed Chance – Bleed will make enemies take damage for 5 turns. If the enemy takes another bleed while having bleed, the timer resets and bleed amount is increased by 1. If you have a weapon with bleed chance, but no bleed value, it will still inflict bleed with a value of 1.
  • Multi-Attack – Mage users only will be able to attack more than 1 enemy in a single turn. This will only work with enemies directly next to the player. The max value of 3 means if surrounded, the player can attack all 4 directions in a single turn with no diminishing returns.
  • Berserk – When the player is below 10% hp, he will gain a temporary physical damage buff based off the percentage of Berserk. Example: +50% Berserk with 10 Dmg will make it 15 Dmg only when below 10% Hp. The damage buff reverts when health is back up.
  • Stun Chance – Has a chance to make an enemy not attack/move for 3 turns.
  • Quick Breaking – Attacking a crate, barrel, or ore will only take 1 hit to break.
  • Double Ore – Gain 2x ores when collecting.
  • Endure – Based off the Endure percentage, you have a chance to negate a final blow from an attack that would have killed you.

Overall, What’s next?

There is a lot more I want to get into, but the stats are more than enough for one post. Next week, I will be focusing on expanding the tutorial since more new features may be confusing to new users. We also have the PC mirror port for OneBit Adventure coming to itch.io soon. Within November, priority lies on more content so we will “dive” into bringing the next new dungeon and new boss that will be teased in a few weeks. Definitely stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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