Equipment/Mines Patch Notes v1.0.19

After a long few weeks of typing until my knuckles turned into a hedgehog, we have finally arrived at the long anticipated Equipment/Mines update which features the new weapon/armor system, a new dungeon called the Mines, new ores, upgrade system, and more. Here’s the full list since I could not fit this in 500 characters for Google Play Store.

List of Additions

– Added Dungeon called the Mines (distance is roughly 400 steps and randomly spawns throughout your adventure)
– Added Enemy Flan (Only found in Mines)
– Added Equipment system (New screen which is merged with skills screen)
– Added Longsword, Helmet, and Chestplate (Can be found in Crates or Barrels)
– Added Blacksmith for upgrades (Only found at the entrance of a cave)
– Added Breakable object types (Crates, Barrels, and Ores)
– Added 3 new ores (Quartz, Apatite, and Amethyst)
– Added Remove Ads option to Shop (1.99 USD)
– Added Hipotion to Stewpot recipe
– Added Sell Items option to Merchant (Sell amount is 50% of the item’s original value)
– Added 2 sound effects (Mining and upgrading)
– Added notify dot for free diamonds in main menu
– Added Stack of Coins in mines (Equals 25 coins)

Bug Fixes

– Fixed daily quest not updating after daily reset
– Fixed poor audio latency
– Fixed Heal amount not showing on campfire screen
– Fixed Keys not selling out (limit was supposed to be 3)
– Fixed Dpad coming back after revive when using joystick
– Removed mana from Blood Knight
– Fixed “Not Enough Coins” text not appearing on the creation screen
– Fixed response time for joystick swipes (No more jitters or lost turns)
– Fixed sprite offset when attacking too quickly (Realigns offset, but is less noticable)
– Fixed campfire not auto-saving game
– Fixed Keys spawning too often

Maker Faire Milwaukee/Delaying Boss Battle

We are excited to say Galactic Slice will be attending a promotional event at the Maker Faire Milwaukee on September 14 & 15. With this event being priority, we will be pushing the Boss Battle update back a bit to make sure it is as epic as it can be. There are a number of possible bugs with such a huge update releasing so be sure to report any bugs under Contact Us so we can straighten things out and get this game working smoothly.

OneBit on YouTube

We want to try to explain more about the game and uploading a video about how things function may be a solution to this. We will try to get videos explaining more about the game’s core mechanics such as the equipment, upgrading, and talks about procedural generation. Expect us to get started on this after the Boss Battle update. Thank you for sticking with us and cheers to more content for the future of OneBit Adventure!

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