Cloud Save Update… Sorta

Greetings! We are excited to say Cloud Saving is just around the corner. It has been quite the turn around as we will be pushing back the Ascension update; however, this Cloud Save feature is the most requested feature of all. Without further ado, let’s talk about that.

Phase 1

We have broken down the update to 2 phases. Phase 1 is already pushed to Android devices via v1.1.27. This phase includes the implementation of saving your save file via our servers. Whenever you login, the server will save your file and continue to update it as you adventure. If you decide to uninstall and reinstalll the app, the server will search for your Save file via cloud and reload your last cloud save. Note that this doesn’t mean we rely on you to be online at all times. This feature helps you have a backup without having to lose local files when uninstalling. Unfortunately, iOS will not get this update due to Apple being closed for the holidays until Dec. 28th. Since this phase is under testing, transferring feature is disabled until phase 2.

Phase 2

With phase 1 bug free, phase 2 brings the final icing to the cake. This phase will include the ability to sync 2 devices together and transferring save file to another device via cloud. Syncing will allow you to play on your phone, then play on your tablet with the same save file. Transferring save file will allow you to retrieve your save file from older devices. The only thing you will need is the Username and Cloud Id which will be located in the Settings of the main menu. In this phase, you will be able to do this all in-game.

Pushing Back Ascension

We have lots of things to bring to you; however, Cloud Saving is a big chunk of time and effort so to prevent a buggy Ascension update, we are pushing back the date. We will update you when the time is right which will likely be around the time Phase 2 of Cloud Save is out. We thank you for your patience and will continue to grow the amount of content, features, and rewards as much as possible with the next upcoming updates!

2 thoughts on “Cloud Save Update… Sorta”

  1. Just picked this up the other night…a minor suggestion…the game a- while very fun – appears fairly static after the first hour and could benefit from more variability, ie different baddies, more and unique loot…perhaps temporary weapons/abilities/trinkets

    1. Great minds think alike! The Ascension update will be coming sometime in January which includes more abilities, loot, and enemies. The process is ongoing as its a 1-man team right now, but definitely on the list.

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