Boss Update v1.1.0

It is that time. We have finally reached the first Boss update featuring the Hydra! We are excited to see how the game plays out with this Boss being in the game. Let’s go over the boss.


The Hydra is a furious creature that lives in the Mines. His attacks works different from your average enemy. He can leap, swipe, and even bite down on your character if you are not paying attention. Overall, he is a tanky beast that will propose a new challenge for those willing to fight it. He has a chance to drop good loot, coins, and items.

More changes and Fixes

– Added big trees to level chunks
– Added Crates to outside level chunks
– Adjusted Music compression type
– Updated Mines to spawn more frequent
– Increase Mines length based off level
– Increase free revive limit on main menu to 20
– Fixed item spawn rate not matching the right values
– Fixed moving enemies to the 4th dimension when attacking then moving
– Fixed enemy levels not matching the level you select
– Fixed selling items not being able to sell due to “Item is Equipped” when it’s not

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