Ascension Update v1.2

It has been quite the trip but at last, we are ready for the next stage which we shall call the Ascension Update v1.2. There’s lots to talk about and may be cutting close for the holidays, but we shall do our best to bring what we can below! (Warning, lots of text, less images since all is work in progress)

Ascend Your Limits

In this update, we are calling forth a new feature that should help a bit more with progression and reward. We will be increasing the level cap via Ascensions. Once your character reaches the level cap, you will have the choice to Ascend which will grant that character a new permanent ability. This ability will additives to your default 4 base abilities. Ascending requires sacrifice and with this new ability, your character resets back to level 1 with a higher level cap. Each Ascension will increase the level cap by 10 and can increase up to level 100 (5 total ascensions). Once you have reached the final Ascension, you will have a total of 9 total Abilities (4 is base abilities) along with a character skin and avatar to prove your worthiness. Let’s talk more about abilities below.

New Abilities

Each character has 4 abilities, but can be overshadowed as some characters have more uniqueness (*cough* necromancer) than others. With new set of abilities in the game, we can focus on making more uniqueness among all characters. Most will be passive, but some will be active allowing you to use your abilities wisely, and certain abilities will be character specific. The first time you Ascend, you will be given a list of abilities to choose from; however, certain abilities will be hidden until you are the required Ascension. This will be a big overhaul, but should help bring more progression and long-term decision making as you find the builds that work best for the characters. Just remember, once abilities are chosen, they are locked with that character so choose your ability wisely!

New Dungeon

We all love mystical and ancient looking stuff so this new dungeon will be a creepy one. We will call this dungeon the Depths which will hold magical artifacts, lots of water (sorry pyro), and secrets to be revealed. Not much will be discussed until we get closer to the update. This may get pushed back as reworking characters will take a huge chunk of time.

More VIP stuff

We introduced VIP as a easy way to gain prestigious cosmetic avatars, but will be working towards making more usefulness with this update. VIP will lean more on increased character slot limit, and exclusive character skins. We will also work to bring more avatars (some animated) and themes for VIP 3 so hang tight those who have reached that tier!

And a bunch more other things

We have a lot more features and ideas that will be adding to this list from QOL features, ways to get free diamonds, more valuable boss loot, and much more. Priority lies with Ascension and abilities, but more will be added as the time gets closer.

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