Ascension Delayed | v1.1.36 Notes

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finalize all Ascending features with this update due to Save Adventure and some major requests for inventory optimizations so I am going to delay the Ascension update. Fear not! This update is packed with a bunch of fixes and some new enemies to play with!

Locking Items

A big request that came up during Bosspocalypse Event was the need to reduce the lag for thousands of items and locking items to prevent you from accidentally selling them. Both have been resolved with this update! You can now freely hoard all the items forever… until the limitations arrive.

3 New Enemies

I wanted to get the new dungeon in this update, but still have yet to finalize the maps. Fortunately, this update brings you 3 new enemies that will help those late game fights become… fun! You can learn about them below.

Full Release Notes

There were a lot of balance changes and fixes that has a big impact on the game, but are kinda all over the place. Below are the full notes.

  • Optimized inventory to handle thousands of items without lagging the game
  • Added Antidote to cure Poison (can be found in the shop or by crafting in stewpot)
  • Added 3 new enemies
  • Added Poison status type
  • Added Achievements for new enemies
  • Added current amount of resources when upgrading
  • Added item locking to prevent selling of things you do not want to sell (press and hold on items lock)
  • Updated Bleed damage to percentage 1 dmg => 5% of max hp
  • Updated Tips for Poison and Bleed
  • Updated sprite for Purify
  • Update Purify recipe to 25x HiPotion, 25x HiMana, and 10x Pears
  • Updated Necromancer sprite to be normal size when transcending into a boss
  • Updated Save Adventure to track deaths and max souls collected
  • Reduced hp and damage by 50% when transcending into a boss
  • Fixed input delay causing enemies to go into the player
  • Fixed Game Authentication when resubmitting scores
  • Fixed Boss counter bug
  • Fixed layering of enemies vs coins
  • Fixed Crit chance not displaying stats
  • Fixed bleed and other status effects not ignoring armor
  • Fixed Respec not saving when quitting right after doing a Respec
  • Fixed Xp bug with Ostrich March
  • Fixed Theme total displaying 30 instead of the current total amount
  • Fixed Theme colors not displaying properly on certain text

14 thoughts on “Ascension Delayed | v1.1.36 Notes”

    1. Will see. I know crit and lifesteal together makes the ultimate combo so by doing this, it may cause imbalance. Doesn’t mean I won’t try but definitely I am cautious.

  1. I love this game but This update ruined it, my player isn’t moving sometimes and items in my inventory glitch out and lock for no reason. Please fix this game I love to support games like this

  2. The major necro nerf ruined it for me. I know you’re trying to balance the game to your liking, but the best feature about it was going on a dragon rampage. Without that, there’s not a major attraction for me.

    1. This nerf came from a number of players that transcended 1-million hp hydras with insane damage and knew they could keep going because the hp/dmg allowed Necro to thrive. In general, the Ascension update will add more new skills so this is just a small nerf to allow other skills to be useful in the near future 🙂

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